BREAKING NEWS: WRU Chairman Pickering voted off WRU Board

David Pickering2


News is emerging tonight that current Welsh Rugby Union Chairman David Pickering has failed in his bid to be re-elected to the WRU Board.  Pickering was hoping to be re-elected as one of two National Directors but the posts have instead gone to Newport Gwent Dragons Chief Executive Gareth Davies and former Llanelli RFC player Anthony Buchanan.

Pickering’s occupation of Welsh rugby’s top job had looked increasingly insecure in recent months thanks to the ongoing dispute with the Welsh regional teams.  Earlier this year, Pickering was also identified by David Moffett and his ‘One Wales’ campaign as a man ‘not acting in the best interests of Welsh rugby’.  Although, Moffett’s very personal attack ultimately failed to produce a ‘vote of no confidence’ in the Board and Chair, it had been predicted by many outlets (including this blog) that Pickering was the most likely official to become a casualty of that damaging civil war that dominated last season.  With that conflict now resolved, Pickering had hoped that the clubs of Wales would renew his mandate and opt for, as he himself put it, “strength and stability and experience”.

Instead, David Pickering will now end his eleven year tenure as Chairman in October.  A new Chairman of the WRU Board will be selected at next month’s Annual General Meeting.

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