BREAKING NEWS: David Moffett has left the building

News is breaking tonight that David Moffett (former CEO of the Welsh Rugby Union and Regional Rugby Wales) is heading home for New Zealand just days before an Extraordinary General Meeting of the WRU is due to take place.

Over the last months, Moffett had returned to Wales to seek election to the WRU Board.  His manifesto ‘One Wales’ had set out what he saw as the WRU’s failings of recent times while detailing his own proposals for the future.  His efforts had convinced a number of clubs that an EGM was necessary.  That meeting will still take place this Sunday at Port Talbot’s Princess Royal Theatre where, amongst other things, a vote of no confidence in the WRU Board will be put forward (as was mentioned in a previous Red Rugby post).

However, the Western Mail this afternoon reported that Moffett has declared he is returning home.  Whether this is true or not is unclear, but it would seem that Mr Moffett is bowing out of the debate.  His twitter account (@moffettrugby) has been closed and his website is currently displaying a note titled ‘Best of Luck on Sunday’.  It states, “Well I wish all those that attend the EGM the best of luck on Sunday.  This is my last communication. Thanks for the incredible support (and opposition)! David.”

Mr Moffett’s reasons for leaving Wales at this late stage are, as of yet, unknown.


4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: David Moffett has left the building

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