VFDUHere at Red Rugby we’ve been thinking…if Christmas Day has an annual message of peace, love and harmony (delivered expertly every year from good ol’ Liz II), why doesn’t Easter?

There’s obviously a gap in the market.  And we believe the rugby community is best placed to deliver that message to the world.  After all, rugby balls look a bit like eggs.  And there’s a player called Nick Easter.  It was meant to be.

But which individual should speak on behalf of the rugby community?  We need someone inclusive, compassionate and statesmanlike.

Step forward John Aussie…who is none of those things.  He is however a resident of one of ‘Her Maj’s’ largest colonies and, as such, we think he should give something back to the Empire.

And so it is with great privilege (and trepidation) that we give you the first ever Red Rugby Easter Message…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Right, I don’t know exactly why I’ve been interrupted from my tinnie and a weekend of televised rugby league (the better code), but for some reason I’ve been asked to give a few words about Easter.  Actually, what the editor said was “Give us a message which sums up the spring like harmony of this time of year…and try to get some rugby in there too.”

One video immediately came to mind.  So here it is, my message to you.  And its all about love and rugby…so you can’t argue against it.

Now leave me in peace.

John Aussie

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