THE VIEW FROM DOWN UNDER: Wake me up when the Six Nations end

VFDUIn the second of his letters from Australia, resident malcontent John Aussie gets us all in the mood for the Six Nations…


Oh Hum. The Six Nations start this weekend.

After reading a previous Red Rugby blog, it has suddenly come to my attention that it all starts again this Saturday.  Ah, the Six Nations: the second best rugby competition in the world; where the action off the field is more entertaining than the ‘ruck and maul action’ on the field.

The Six Nations holds a special place in rugby folklore in the United Kingdom, Italy and France.  In days gone by the Welsh miners would crawl out of the pits to join together on the green grass of home.  The Scots would drop the caber (and their kilts) and join the battle cry.  The Irish will find love between the north and the south over a pint of Guinness to unite as one.  The English will drag their toffee noses out of the clouds and get on their chariots while the French will not wash all winter to keep foreign invaders out.  As for the new kids on the block (the Italians) they get excited over all those those extra euros from rugby tourists.

Picture the scene: one of those great rugby weekends where the Scots, Irish and Welsh come together over many a pint and talk about their dislike for the English. The French will party at home while failing to turn up for the away games. The Italians will mainly be searching for the remote, turning the channel over and finding some football.  The English will sing their one and only song.

What do we say about the action on the field? I think we should leave that for another time. After all, a blogger only has so many words to play with and I don’t think I can effectively describe how dull Six Nations rugby is in the 300 or so words the editor has given me. Let’s just say matches usually go like this: kick off, ruck and maul, line out, scrum, penalty goal, drop goal, half time and full time.  Pretty much sums it all up.

The Six Nations: where wingers are just spectators closer to the action.

Still, Super Rugby season starts next weekend.

Having a cold one on the beach,

John Aussie

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